Club Room

The club room is the heart and hectic nerve center of Spinni, a shrine of superb music and perhaps one of the most stylish and homely spaces at the campus. It is found in Hervanta campus’ Sähkötalo basement. We have a mixer and decks for CD, vinyl and digital and of course sound and light to fill a club or two.

The club room is a great place to hang out between classes, get a cup of coffee and enjoy some music during the day. When the club door is open everyone is most welcome to pay a visit. The master of the house keeps our catalog of refreshments for sale in good order. At the very least we do always have pizza and energy drinks.

The long wall is furnished with a piece of decoration that money can’t buy – a wall of flyers. The wall of flyers has been accrued over the decades from different sorts of events from all over Finland and beyond. It tells a colourful tale of the past.

The best time to come visit is Thursday nights during the unofficially official club night. This is usually when low frequencies pervade the whole basement. If things go conveniently you might be able to continue straight on to Friday morning lectures…

When you head to the club room, do note that the doors to Sähkötalo basement require separate clearance!