Are you in need of some sound or light for your event? Spinni rents out its professional grade gear at student-friendly prices. We can also provide you with a DJ to play at your event.

The equipment always comes with the necessary signal, power and extension cords.

We offer a -10% discount for all guilds, subject associations and clubs of Tampere University when the equipment is rented out for the guild’s, subject association’s or club’s event and the total is over 100 €. VAT 0 %.

Take a look at our practical guide for renting to guarantee a smooth experience. If you would like to rent something, contact this email address:

Do you not know what you need for boosting up your party? No worries, we have created exemplary bundles for all kinds of situations!

DJ equipment

A DJ without players is like a rower without oars. Spinni offers you professional grade players for an affordable price. Like the rower needs a boat in addition to the oars, a DJ will also need a sound system in addition to the players.

Pro bundle

Superb bundle for any artist

Sound source: PC, USB stick or CD

  • Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000 player (x2)
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS mixer

135 € / day

Basic bundle

Excellent bundle for most parties

Sound source: PC, USB stick or CD

  • Pioneer DJ CDJ-900 media player (x2)
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-800 mixer

110 € / day

Vinyl bundle

Honoring he traditional way

Sound source: Vinyl

  • Technics SL-2-1210mk2 vinyl player (x2)
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-707 mixer

105 € / day


+ JBL Eon G2 monitor speaker (20 € / day)

+ Rane SL3 Serato sound card (20 € / day)

+ Native Instruments Audio 8 sound card (20 € / day)

Sound system

These devices produce appropriate sound for any sort of oration, speech, rave set or a bit of foxtrot. You can use e.g. a PC or phone with 3.5mm audio interface as a sound source but naturally a decent party demands appropriate decks for the DJ. If you do get decks for the DJ, the mixers from the following bundles are redundant, not included and therefore subtracted from the total price.

Grand bundle

Two subwoofers and a bigger upper end

  • QSC K12.2 speaker (x2)
  • speaker stands
  • RCF 18″ subwoofer (x2)
  • amplifier
  • audio crossover
  • Phonic AM220 mixer
  • microphone

210 € / day

Party bundle

For a small party, a band or a DJ

  • Mackie SRM450 speaker (x2)
  • speaker stands
  • RCF 18″ subwoofer
  • amplifier
  • audio crossover
  • Phonic AM220 mixer
  • microphone

160 € / day

Light bundle

For background music or speeches

  • Mackie SRM450 speaker (x2)
  • speaker stands
  • Phonic AM220 mixer
  • microphone

80 € / day

Lights and effects

We have lighting appropriate for an assortment of occasions. These bundles can very well be mixed together! Ask the rentals responsible for instruction and we will determine an appropriate amount of lights for your occasion.

Mood lighting

Directional led lighting to brighten up the place

  • American DJ TriparProfile LED


  • PAR 56 LED

5 € / piece / day

UV lighting

Invisible ultra violet lighting makes bleached fabrics and neon colors glow

  • PAR56 UV LED


  • UV fluorescent tube and stem

5 € / piece / day

Strobe lighting

Movement appears to stop as the frequencies of movement and the flashing of the lights are in harmony

  • Stairville 1500 strobe
  • Stairville Strobemaster 1 controller

30 € / piece / day

Customized solution – ask for a quotation!

The aforementioned solutions are good for most events but if you want to get creative we can do that. We have provided custom solutions for a wide range of events from weddings and graduations to bigger hall events. Here you can find all of the equipment we have. Please do contact us and we’ll work out the appropriate solution.