Guide for renting

How to rent successfully from Spinni:

1. Send email to containing the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Desired date for rent
  • Possible association you are working with
  • What equipment you need

If you need customization we will figure out the appropriate solution together.

2. Remember to give notice of when you will be retrieving the equipment

3. An hour before the agreed upon time, call and confirm your arrival or possible delays.

4. Come with enough manpower to load your equipment

  • We shall sign an agreement and you will get a copy.
  • If you are working for an association, make sure the person coming to get the equipment can sign an agreement in the association’s name.

5. Party hard

6. Make sure all the equipment comes back – the cables included. When dropping off the equipment, make sure there’s someone available to receive the equipment – Under NO circumstances just leave the equipment laying around by the club door.

7. Pay the rent within 10 days either with cash at Spinni club room or with account transfer. The signed agreement is your receipt, don’t lose it!