Are you in need of some sound or light for your event? Spinni rents out its hardware at student-friendly prices. We can also provide you with a DJ to play at your event.

Our primary offering includes the following packages but you can also rent out individual items which can be found here The equipment includes the all the necessary cables.

If you would like to rent something, contact this email address: vuokraus@spinni.orgv

Spinni Essentials: 70e/vrk

A practical solution for small and mid-sized parties. Connect this set up to anything : a microphone, an iPod or whatever comes to mind.

Spinni Rave: 120e/vrk

This set up is what you want for a bigger party and a kicker low end. Like above, you can connect the set up to anything.

Spinni DJ : 60e/vrk

Have you booked a DJ who doesn’t provide their own equipment? Spinni offers you professional gear for a cheap price.


Spinni Tunnelma – lights: 90e/vrk

Is your event in need of some pretty atmospheric lights? Here’s a solution for small or mid-sized events. (We also have more flashy lights like scanners and strobes available here

Customized solution – ask for a quotation!

The aforementioned solutions are good for most events but if you want to get creative we can do that. We have provided custom solutions for a wide range of events from weddings and graduations to bigger hall events. Here you can find all of the equipment we have. Please do contact us and we’ll work out the appropriate solution.