KOSMOS: A Techno Origin /w Luke Hess


KOSMOS invites you for a search into the origins of TIME, SPACE and SOUND.

“Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are ready at last to set sail for the stars.”
— Carl Sagan, Cosmos

A Club night with pure, raw and uncompromising techno featuring a DETROIT native, LUKE HESS.
A Journey into the depths of space with according soundsystem and video engineering.
A Night of interplanetary connection, otherworldly love and that hypnotic, pumping BASS!


(FXHE, Echocord, Planet-E, DeepLabs)

Born in 1980 in Metro Detroit and subject to the city’s mid-90’s warehouse parties, Luke Hess has harnessed a deep appreciation for electronic music and the expression of the underground movement.

His background in mathematics and engineering has given him a scientific approach to the dance floor, using frequencies, tones, and soundscapes to transform surroundings and mood.

While he’s releasing music on Echocord Colour and managing his own imprint DeepLabs Detroit, he’s been one of the few who have gotten releases on Omar S’s revered FXHE Records.

”If you’re watching water crashing up on the shore or listening to sounds deep in the forest some people might get bored; I personally watch how patterns in the shoreline change or how insects and the wind in the trees work together to create a panorama of perfect noise. I sort of zone out.”


alongside the mission specialists

►Mack Wilde (KOSMOS)

Founders of KOSMOS. The Tampere Techno Tag Team. Hervanta Sound Spectrum. End of line.



Launch coordinates: Club10, Hämeenkatu 10, Tampere

Blast doors will open at 22:00 and the airlock fee will be 10 euros per space traveller, including cloak room.



Mission log:
6.9.2013 One Year of Techno Voyage w/ Emma Valtonen & Santtu Rantanen LIVE
10.5.2013 A Techno Synergy w/ Hannu Ikola LIVE & Hannu Karjalainen LIVE
8.2.2013 A Techno Dimension w/ Phonogenic LIVE & RedLed LIVE
14.12.2012 A Techno Continuum w/ Teersom LIVE & Poly Sone LIVE
26.9.2012 A Techno Voyage w/ Juho Kusti & Sipitron