KOSMOS 6.9. @ Club10 /w Santtu Rantanen LIVE


KOSMOS invites you for a night run into TIME, SPACE and SOUND.

”What happens in the first second of the next cosmic year depends on what we do, here and now, with our intelligence and our knowledge of the cosmos.”
— Carl Sagan, Cosmos.

► A Club night with pure, raw and uncompromised techno featuring Helsinki’s top techno dame EMMA VALTONEN and Tampere’s very own SANTTU RANTANEN.
► A Dance into the depths of space with according soundsystem and video engineering.
► A Night of interplanetary connection, otherworldly love and that hypnotic, pumping BASS.




► Santtu Rantanen LIVE (Tampere Techno City, m0n0kia)

Hailing from the local underground with long lasting passion for house and techno music, Santtu has some very characteristic features in his monotonic sounds. From the legendary Lavatanssit parties through more recent Tampere Techno City, the dark rhythms and grooves have been the essence of his sound.

A BIT OF SOMETHING https://soundcloud.com/santtu-rantanen

► Emma Valtonen (Entropy)

Emma started playing records only a few years ago but has in a short period of time convinced even the most sceptic old-guards and enthusiasts with her skillful technique and effortless style behind the decks. Something that is rare to see for a young dj these days. She has played warmups for likes of Shed and Function, all the while shaking the underground scene of Helsinki with her vinyl only sets. Tip!

CHECK OUT https://soundcloud.com/emmavaltonen

Local techno heroes:

► Freeve
► Tekno-Joonas

and your usual rocket engineers:

► Mack Wilde
► T.H.U.G.

They are the ones who came up with the KOSMOS-concept originally in Hong Kong and brought KOSMOS to Tampere last year. This techno tag team will be warming up the night with comforting sounds for faster-than-light travellers.

CHECK US OUT @ http://dj.beatport.com/mackwilde & http://dj.beatport.com/thug

Blast doors will open at 22:00 and the airlock fee will be 5 euros per space traveller, including spacesuit storage.